Immediate Need

We are sorry for your loss. We are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

Please, pick up the phone and let us help you make the preparations and select an affordable, but beautiful funeral solution.

Call for Immediate Assistance:
225.293.4174: Baton Rouge,
: St. Amant     or    225.271.4574: Walker


Immediate Need Checklist

  • Call Church Funeral Services 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year
  • Contact your clergy.
  • Draw family close for support. Arrange to have help answering the door and phone and taking note of who delivers flowers or offers other support so that they may be thanked later.
  • Make a list of family, friends and colleagues to be notified. Enlist help.
  • Gather information for the obituary.
  • Choose a location for the service: your church, graveside, other?
  • We will help you acquire copies of the death certificate.
  • Coordinate and delegate childcare, cooking, and other duties with help from those who offer support.
  • Arrange for hospitality for visiting family and friends.
  • Select pall bearers.
  • Plan for the disposition of flowers after the service.
  • Choose charities to which donated items may be gifted.
  • Prepare a list of distant friends and relatives to notify.
  • Prepare a list for acknowledgments and thank you notes.
  • Notify insurance companies.
  • Identify the executor of the will.
  • Check all insurance policies carefully.
  • If Social Security was being collected, notify the banks.
  • If there was a facebook account, turn it into a ‘memorial account.’
  • Check promptly on all debts, payments, and other ongoing obligations.
  • If the deceased was living alone, notify utilities, landlord and post office.
  • We will help you with Social Security forms.